On boarding news starters? Follow our checklist

As a small business owner, there are often considerations and challenges popping up regularly. Dealing with the onboarding of new staff can be particularly challenging, especially as laws and regulations change frequently.

As your small business grows and you take on more employees, it’s crucial to tackle the elephant in the room which is human resources. Here are some simple actions you can take when taking on new staff:

Provide the employment contract on day one: Make sure you provide new employees with their employment contract on the first day or even before, to set the tone and provide clarity on the terms and conditions of their employment. Failing to do so could create problems down the line and damage the working relationship.

Design an induction process: Consider the processes and information that new employees need to know about your business to perform their role effectively. This could include introducing them to key people, training them on relevant software, and familiarizing them with the routine of the office. With these points in mind, put together an induction plan for the first few weeks and let new starters attend meetings and meet the team. This will help them to settle in more easily and understand the business better.

Health and safety: In the modern workplace, health and safety policies should focus on more than just physical health. Mental health and employee wellbeing have become increasingly important. Employers are legally obliged to make the workplace safe, so it’s essential to consider ways to protect employees’ mental health, which is one of the leading causes of staff absence. Don’t underestimate the importance of health and safety in the workplace in retaining staff and helping your business grow.

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