Protecting Intellectual Property Rights

Businesses of all sizes understandably want to ensure that their intellectual property (IP) rights are robustly protected and that appropriate action is taken in the event that these rights are infringed.

The continuing development of digital technology has meant that businesses need to be even more aware about how best to protect their IP assets, whether they are logos, brand names or particular types of goods.

Whatever the nature of your dispute, Hethertons’ team of specialist solicitors can advise on the options available to resolve your case and the likely costs involved.

We work closely with clients across a range of sectors to achieve the best possible outcome and, recognising that the laws governing intellectual property are ever changing and developing, we will ensure that companies and businesses with IP rights are kept up-to-date with the latest legislation and how it may affect their IP assets.

Areas where we can assist include:

  • Confidentiality agreements to protect business information, customer lists and pricing and other trade secrets;
  • Copyright – taking action to prevent the unlawful use of documents or images you have created or in which you own the copyright;
  • Action to prevent passing off using your business name or logo in such a way as to suggest that your competitor is part of or associated with the good name and reputation of your business; and
  • In conjunction with specialist patent attorneys:
  • Registering design rights & patents
  • The registration, maintenance and enforcement of trademarks
  • Licensing, assignment and collaboration agreements.

For further information or assistance please contact Toby Conyers-Kelly on 01904 528217 or email

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