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The breakdown of a relationship can be an extremely traumatic time. You need to know where you stand…what you’re entitled to… what your responsibilities are…and quickly.

Hethertons’ team of expert family lawyers has wide experience of the complex issues that can arise upon separation or divorce and can guide you through these difficult times, helping you reach the best possible outcome.

Hethertons’ family solicitors in York and Boroughbridge provide sound, practical advice and support on all of the issues that concern you, whether this be the children, ownership and occupation of the family home or the division of money, property and pensions.

With offices in York and Boroughbridge we specialise in family legal advice and services. Our family solicitor, Simon Nellar, is a member of the Law Society’s Family Law Panel and Resolution Accredited Specialists in finance and children issues.

Our experience shows that a sensitive and constructive approach to family problems is usually beneficial to all concerned. We recognise that litigation is often stressful and counter-productive and so we will help you to achieve a settlement wherever possible.

For further information please contact Simon Nellar on 01904 528383 or email

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