Property Management Companies

Property management companies can face a range of legal issues through the day-to-day running of a building that contains long leasehold flats.

If a dispute arises, it is important that the property management company seeks legal advice to resolve the dispute as effectively as possible.

At Hethertons, our solicitors have a wealth of experience working with property management companies, managing agents (including members of the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA)) and long leasehold flat owners.

Areas where we can advise and assist include:

  • Interpreting and enforcing the repair and maintenance obligations of the management company and the flat owners in relation to the structure of the building, the flats themselves and the ‘common parts’ of the building;
  • Advising upon and complying with the need to consult with the flat owners on proposed administration and service charges, so that they are legally recoverable by the management company from the flat owners;
  • Taking action to recover arrears of service charge, ground rent and other payments due from flat owners to the management company;
  • Where the flat owners are dissatisfied with an external management company or managing agent advising on their right to exercise the Right to Manage the property themselves;
  • In extreme cases, advising on the forfeiture and repossession of long leasehold flats.

Hethertons work closely with their clients to ensure they are kept informed of the latest changes to the relevant legislation, with a view to preventing potential disputes arising in future.

For further information or assistance please contact Toby Conyers-Kelly on 01904 528217 or email

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