Mediation is a process to help couples who have decided to separate or divorce to talk things through, to help you reach agreement on the way forward and to make arrangements for the future.

A Mediator will help you explore possible ways of resolving your dispute or help you make arrangements on a range of practical matters related to your separation. A Mediator can help you with all of the issues that might arise upon separation, or can assist with specific issues only. They can help you divide the money and property of the marriage, or to make arrangements for the care of your children.

The Mediator will meet you and your partner together, and in a series of meetings will identify the issues in dispute and help you try to reach agreement. The Mediator will not take sides, nor offer you legal advice. He will remain independent and impartial, but he will help you to communicate with each other.

Mediation can ease the pain of family breakdown because it reduces hostility and tension; it helps you make informed decisions that are right for you and your family; it helps you communicate, and it helps you work together to resolve disputes.

Simon Nellar is a trained Mediator and can help you and your partner reach practical solutions which are fair to both of you and right for your circumstances. For further information please contact Simon Nellar on 01904 528383 or email

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