B.M. Cartmell

When Rob Cartmell received a letter in 2014 regarding a claim for damages from a car crash his business was involved in, in 2011, he feared that he would have to pay thousands of pounds to the claimant.

However, after undertaking a free consultation with York-based law firm, Hethertons, he quickly realised that he could fight the case and was able to settle the dispute without having to pay anything to the claimant.

Upon receiving the claim from their client, Hethertons quickly realised that the court proceedings had been incorrectly issued against Rob Cartmell. Natasha Guest, from the expert team of solicitors at Hethertons, drafted a strong defence and quickly settled the disputed action.

Barrie Cartmell, Rob’s father, was the person who employed Hethertons to help his son and he described the result as “great news”. He said he was “extremely pleased, both with the outcome and expert advice,” he received from Hethertons and said that he would “heartily recommend their services” to other people.

“Our instructions were clear, that was to not only challenge their detail, but go on the offensive and demand an outcome as court dates were pressing,” said Barrie Cartmell.

“The letter put out was brilliant, to the extent that not only did the opposing solicitors wake up; they agreed the potential claim go no further.

“The icing on the cake was that we were able to recover a good amount of the costs incurred, so my son and I thank both Hethertons and Natasha for their professional guidance and unstinting support during our time together.”

Hethertons have many years of experience successfully handling disputes and always go that extra mile to ensure the best outcome for their clients.

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