UK start-ups key target for venture capital

Venture capital investors are seeking to invest millions of pounds into start-ups that are creating the “future of business”.

SuperSeed – a London-based seed-stage venture capital firm – is backed by the British Business Bank’s (BBB) Enterprise Capital Funds programme.

According to the report, SuperSeed is looking to invest between £500,000 and £1.5 million into 30 to 35 UK-based start-ups that are driving innovation in the business and industrial automation sector.

The fund was launched after research suggested that European businesses are leaders in creating world class technology but are often outfought by their American counterparts – leaving major imbalances in funding, investment, and opportunity.

Commenting on the report, SuperSeed founders, Dan Bowyer and Mads Jensen, said venture capital investors need to better support early-stage entrepreneurs.

“When it comes to marketing and sales the Americans have historically had an edge on us here in Europe, and we have to do better if we want to compete on the world stage, Said Mr Jensen, Founder and Managing Partner at SuperSeed.

“At SuperSeed we play a highly active role helping early-stage founders create powerful go-to-market strategies. We provide best practice on how to build a successful B2B start-up and work with founders to build out their team, craft processes, and truly accelerate the journey from Seed to Series A.”

The venture capital firm is backed by the Enterprise Capital Funds Programme, a Government-guaranteed scheme established in 2006 to encourage private investors to invest in early-stage start-ups with high-growth potential.

Ken Cooper, Managing Director at the BBB, said: “The British Business Bank’s Enterprise Capital Funds programme is key in helping to develop and maintain effective venture capital provision in the UK, lowering the barriers to entry for emerging fund managers and for those targeting under-served areas of the market.

“Our cornerstone commitment to SuperSeed’s fund will help them to provide successful finance and support to early stage, high-potential entrepreneurs and businesses. With this commitment, our total commitments to date through the ECF programme now exceed £1 billion.”

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