How does divorce affect your staff?

The UK has seen a large rise in the number of couples seeking a divorce and employers need to be aware of the impact of this on their staff.

A personal issue, such as a divorce, can have disastrous consequences for an employee’s ability to concentrate on their role and lead to higher levels of absence.

Ignoring the impact on the individual concerned and their wider pool of colleagues can cost a company significantly, particularly where they are a key person.

This includes staff taking time off sick for mental health reasons and possibly even leaving employment.

In larger companies, staff support can fall under the remit of Human Resources staff, who may be trained in these matters. Within SMEs, this role may be less well-defined.

Employers are being advised to have a ‘family crisis’ policy in place, to identify what can be done and whose role this is.

Employers can offer support in several ways. This can be as simple as offering support and understanding or offering flexible hours.

Overall, the message is that offering support from the outset can head off much larger possible issues which may arise at a later date.

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