Commercial property investment. What are the benefits?

Commercial property accounts for 13 per cent of the value of all buildings across the UK and is worth around £900 billion, according to industry sources.

But according to the RICS’ latest Commercial Property Survey, five successive quarters of growth came to an end between July and September, with demand falling to a net balance of -10 per cent, down from +17 per cent in the second quarter.

A short-term dip, however, could be a long-term opportunity to acquire a commercial property at the right price.

Commercial property covers several areas, from office space and high street shops to large out-of-town complexes and industrial units.

Investment can involve the purchase of premises, or investing in stocks, shares and bonds of companies that specialise in property.

What are the advantages?

Initially costly to buy, and then attracting other expenses like refurbishment and conversion, the returns and profits will be good where demand for well-designed, quality office accommodation is high.

Regular income

Rental income might be generated each month, quarter, or on any basis agreed upon between the landlord and tenant.

As an investment, a steady income from a long-term lease is often less risky than an investment in shares.

Increasing the value of an investment

While generating income, the value of the property will almost certainly increase over the years, which will ultimately lead to a substantial return on your initial investment should you come to sell the property.

A secure, professional relationship

As a business-to-business partnership, you are normally dealing with professional tenants, so there are likely to be fewer disputes and better recourse should a dispute arise.

Contracts give legal protection

Most commercial property lease agreements are bespoke and are usually agreed over leases of between three and 20 years.

Commercial landlords typically have more protection under the law if the tenant fails to pay rent on time, or if they break any other contractual obligations.

Want to explore the benefits of commercial property investment?

If you are looking to invest in new or existing commercial property either as a business or personally, it is important you take sound legal advice before completing any purchase.

We can help you to review each commercial property deal or lease agreement you require to make sure it works in your favour. Speak to our team today for advice.

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