Conveyancing: Brownfield sites could provide opportunities

Surplus brownfield land could provide opportunities for vital conveyancing work in the property industry.

Vacant plots could help the Government meet the 300,000 houses per year target it has set, while also providing clients for conveyancers around the country.

According to the latest research, the potential brownfield land that is available covers three-quarters of the houses that England requires in the next 10 years.

The research, conducted by Platform, a property developer, confirmed that more than 6,000 brownfield sites have the capacity to develop more than 360,000 homes in England, Scotland and Wales.

Research by the Investment Property Forum found that rates of sale for housing development averaged at between one and two units per week, while if the houses were designated to letting, it would be much higher at approximately seven per week.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government published data that indicated that the number of new homes which had been completed by developers surged to an 11 year high of 170,000 (figures to the year ending June 2019).

Robert Jenrick MP, Housing Secretary, said: “As Housing Secretary, it’s my mission to get Britain building.

“The data released is hugely welcome, with the number of new homes built reaching an 11-year high. We are moving in the right direction, but there is still much more to do if we are going to deliver the numbers needed by communities up and down the country.

“I’m determined to deliver homes that are high-quality, well designed and good for the planet. Faster and simpler planning regulations will help us reach that goal, which is why I have announced measures to accelerate planning decisions for homes and reduce the use of unnecessary conditions by up to a third, freeing up developers so they can get on and build in a locally appropriate way.”