York solicitor takes the first step on the judicial ladder with Recorder appointment

David Scott the Head of Employment Law at Hethertons Solicitors has gained an appointment as a Recorder in the North Eastern Circuit.

As a Recorder, David will start in the Family Division, drawing upon his vast experience in the legal profession, which stretches back almost 30 years.  David will be required to manage cases actively and determine disputes at hearing.

As a Recorder, David has been appointed by the Queen on the recommendation of the Lord Chancellor following a year long selection process and he will sit for 30 days each year.

David will hold the position of Recorder for a minimum of four years but could be offered the opportunity to extend his position beyond this date.

As this is a part-time position, David will continue to lead the Employment Team at Hethertons and play an active part in the firm.

Speaking about his appointment, David said: “It is a real honour to be appointed as a Recorder for our local courts. This is a prestigious position and I hope to serve the justice system well in my new role.

“This appointment reflects my ongoing commitment to the legal profession and the people that is serves. Many thanks have to go to my colleagues at Hethertons who continue to support me in all that I do.”

To find out more about David Scott and his role at Hethertons Solicitors, please visit www.hethertons.co.uk