What Our Clients Say


“I must say that the advice you have given as regards the pension is fantastic and very clear. I would have loved to get similar advice from my family lawyer but I have not. You are a great team at Hethertons.”

– Mr T, London

“I cannot recommend Hethertons highly enough. The service and support I have received from Simon Nellar has been second to none. The positive outcome in my complex and difficult litigation would not have been possible without Simon’s detailed knowledge and understanding of family law and his excellent advocacy skills. Alongside that, Simon provides extremely wise counsel and a calm head in what can be difficult negotiations. In the 5 years Simon has acted for me, he has always delivered the best result possible and I am extremely grateful for his dedication and hard work in my legal affairs.”

– Ms S, York

“Excellent advice and service that we appreciated.”

– Mr W, London

“The help provided by Hethertons was invaluable and extremely supportive during difficult and somewhat traumatic times.”

– Mr M, York

“I would definitely use the services again if needed.”

– Ms S, Harrogate

“Hethertons handled my mediation in a sensitive and unbiased way. He managed to put me at ease and alleviate many of my worries in potentially painful circumstances.”

– Mrs S, York

“I was completely happy with the service provided by Hethertons. Everything was explained to me clearly and in a respectful manner, and I was kept informed of progress made. I would recommend Hethertons to anyone needing this service. Thank you for a job well done.”

– Ms B, York

“We were completely satisfied with everything especially the way things were explained in ‘plain English'”

– Ms Q, York

“Hethertons Solicitor have provided there most professional advice and help in making my divorce painless over the last 2 years. Hethertons was very helpful all the way through the process keeping me up to date with everything that was going on with many letters, e-mails and phone calls.”

– Mr H, York

“Hethertons Solicitors was amazing throughout my proceedings.

He made me feel calm and comfortable during every step. What I thought may be a difficult process was in fact simple and smooth running.

I felt that he always treat my matter with sensitivity and really understood that although it was my choice to be divorced….it is still an emotional journey through to the end.”

– Ms L, York

I was looking for a solicitor due to my forthcoming divorce. I choose a solicitor out of the yellow pages local and nearby to my place of work at York – Holgate. To my surprise I was instantly transferred to the reception of Hethertons Solicitors due to retirement of the solicitor I wanted to speak to. For my first informal meeting I arrived at Hethertons Solicitors office at York and it was really in my mind they are a bit posh for me and probably expensive in their fees so I almost left. Fortunately for me and my divorce case I stayed and my first opinion or presumption turned into favour and acceptance of my solicitor Hethertons. The handling of my divorce and financial settlement was of a very professional nature / basis even if my own settlement statement was against his advice. The atmosphere is very welcoming, kind and supportive from the receptionist to the actual meetings with Hethertons Solicitors. It was every time a supportive voice and advice at hand in this difficult circumstances. All around was a kind of flexibility throughout shown towards my nationwide work situation so that the divorce could progress well by email or telephone conferences call. In matter of fact I was proven wrong from my first assumption and the costing / fees were very reasonable and correct so that I can only recommend the services of Hethertons solicitors and would make use of their services again, hopefully in a more pleasant circumstances.”

– Mr B, Newsham

“I have been very happy with the work Hethertons Solicitors have carried out for me and that you have done this in the manner I requested, ie to keep my divorce as amicable as possible. Would definitely recommend Hethertons Solicitors.”

– Ms T, York

“Hethertons Solicitors handled my divorce with calmness, kindness, professionalism and a real understanding of how to make a distressing and painful process as easy he could. I felt he handled everything with a real degree of compassion and never lost sight of my needs throughout. I would not hesitate to recommend him to you. “

– Mrs L, York

“I would like to thank Mr. Jones who did a great job but also the rest of the team who were always happy to help.”

– Mr S, York

“Hethertons Solicitors has guided me through a very difficult separation and divorce over the last year. He has given pragmatic advice in clear English with patience and empathy.

I would not hesitate in recommending Hethertons Solicitors’ team to anyone who unfortunately find themselves in a similar position.”

– Mr S, York

“I was very pleased how my case was handled and can confirm that the contact that Hethertons helped me to achieve has gone ahead without any problems. For that I owe a big thank you to the team at Hethertons for the sound advice, guidance and support I received at a very hard time in mine and my children’s lives.”

– Mr G, York

“Fantastic service, fantastic people very professional in very difficult times, can’t thank you enough.”

– Mr P, York

“I found Hethertons advice and counsel caring towards me as your client and extremely professional.

I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to my family and friends.”

– Mrs C, York

“I contacted Hethertons when i was going through a difficult time in my life and needed their advice. Hethertons Solicitors was knowledgeable, professional and supportive throughout this time and ensured i received the very best advice to enable me to make well informed decisions. He maintained regular contact during the process to keep me updated and to ensure i was still happy with those decisions and the way things were progressing. In all- a professional company with a personal service that i would highly recommend.”

– Ms T, York

“The two biggest decisions you make when getting divorced are: deciding to get divorced and which solicitors to represent you. Hethertons were recommended to me by a friend who had just completed her own divorce. My financial advisor was also relieved when I mentioned Hethertons were dealing with my divorce and said they were one of the best in the area.

After my first meeting I felt as though I was in safe hands and I could trust Hethertons Solicitors. I was helped to put things into perspective which helped clear my mind of all the unimportant issues. Also knowing that the paper work was completed correctly and items sent from my Ex husbands solicitor were checked and all their errors corrected, there was quite a few!

Overall, divorce is never a good thing to go through but with Hethertons I have got through it and would recommend them.”

– Ms C, York