Pet-nups: what happens to your pet if your relationship ends?

Pets are beloved members of the family and, for many people, are more like children.

So, if you share a pet with someone and you plan to get married, have you considered what would happen to your pet if you got divorced or separated?

It may seem pessimistic to consider, but in the unfortunate event that your relationship doesn’t work out, you need to think about the well-being of your furry friend. For this, a Pet-nup could be the perfect solution.

What is a Pet-nup?

You have probably heard of a prenup, which is an agreement signed before you get married to decide how your assets would be divided if you get divorced – but have you heard of a Pet-nup?

Rather than outlining what happens to your assets, a Pet-nup sets out the arrangements for your pet in the event of divorce or separation.

This includes who would own the pet and whether you would share custody, as well as how expenses relating to pet care would be paid.

In the eyes of the law, pets are seen as a possession, not as a member of your family like a child, and as such there is no formal arrangement or process to decide these issues.

It may seem simple, but this is a very emotional and complex decision to make.

Some questions that can shape this decision include:

Coming to an agreement before you get married or enter a civil partnership or even during your time together can provide you with peace of mind that your pet’s future is in safe hands.

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