York’s gender pay gap widens by 50 per cent

Councillors in York are calling for action to be taken, after it was revealed the pay gap between men and women in the city had grown by over 50 per cent.

The figures relate to the past 11 years and come at a time when the employer deadline for reporting gender pay gaps has not long expired.

Details of the divide were published by the council’s economic development team and revealed that whereas in 2007 the average woman earned £77 a week less than her male counterpart, by 2017 this had increased to £117.

The news has prompted the city council to look into ways of addressing the inequality. An ‘inclusive growth’ plan, proposed by Councillor Janet Looker, is being considered.

Speaking on the widening pay gap, Ms Looker said: “Equal pay has been in the legislation of this country for a long time, but it still relies too much on the women finding out where they stand on the pay ladder. It’s ‘their fault’ if they don’t do the pushing. We get endless advice on how to be more pushy. Pay should be on the work you do, not how pushy individuals are.”

The motion to take action against the disparity received unanimous support in the council chamber.

Councillors are now set to review income inequalities throughout York, agreeing to develop an inclusive growth plan for the city.

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