Gig economy business accused of “blacklisting” worker

A leading courier firm has faced allegations that it “blacklisted” a man who had previously pursued a successful Tribunal claim against a rival business.

Andrew Boxer had won a legal battle against Excel, having argued he should be entitled to both the minimum wage and holiday pay.

But his victory turned sour after Addison Lee, one of Excel’s competitors, refused to engage him whilst allegedly telling him that they could not risk a similar case being brought against them.

The Guardian reported that the business had asked Boxer if there was an “ulterior motive” for wanting to work with them and implied that he would report back to trade union officials.

After the claims came to light, the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) said it would launch legal action against Addison Lee – citing alleged blacklisting and victimisation.

Jason Moyer-Lee, the IWGB’s General Secretary, said: “Addison Lee has once again shown the extremes to which it is prepared to go in order to deny basic rights to its low-paid workers.

“They are punishing a courier for having the courage to claim his unpaid holidays and minimum wage. For this, Addison Lee will pay a heavy price.”

A spokesman for Addison Lee said: “Addison Lee is committed to fair and respectful treatment of all its contractors. Mr Boxer has never made a formal complaint to us. We are now reviewing the matter and it would be wrong to comment further until that review is complete.”

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