A third of workers have witnessed racial discrimination

According to the findings of the latest workplace study, one in three adults have experienced or witnessed racial discrimination in the workplace.

Job and recruitment website Glassdoor recently released its Diversity and Inclusion Study 2019, which investigated the extent of discrimination in the workplace.

The investigation included a survey by The Harris Poll which questioned more than 1,000 adults about workplace discrimination.

Overall half of respondents (55 per cent) were found to have previously experienced some form of discrimination.

Just under a third (31 per cent) of employed adults have experienced or witnessed racism taking place in the workplace, with a quarter of respondents having experienced or discrimination over sexual identity (25 per cent) and more than a third (37 per cent) have witnessed discrimination based on gender.

The survey also looked at the different ways in which men and women experience various forms of discrimination in the workplace.

More men (36 per cent) than women (25 per cent) experienced instances of racial discrimination at work. There was a similar story for LGBT+ discrimination with 31 per cent of men experiencing it compared to 19 per cent of women.

However, several factors may be responsible for this, including men’s perception of discrimination.

John Lamphiere, Vice President of Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Glassdoor said: “This research presents a somewhat worrying picture of the experience employees are having with regards to discrimination at work.

“Creating a company culture that celebrates and respects people for their diverse backgrounds and experiences should be a top priority for all employers.”

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