Vast majority of Britons leave important health and welfare decisions ‘to chance’, study finds

A worrying new study published earlier this week has revealed that the vast majority of Britons are leaving important health and welfare decisions ‘entirely to chance’ by failing to seek specialist legal advice.

The research, which comes at a time when cases of dementia are on the rise across the UK, also found that – in most parts of the country – more than a third of people have not set up a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), Will, pension or funeral plan.

According to figures cited in The Times, dementia diagnoses have risen by more than half (54 per cent) in the past ten years, while dementia has now become the largest single cause of death in the UK.

In 2016, the increasingly common condition was responsible for 12 per cent of all British deaths – and the Alzheimer’s Society and other organisations have previously warned that dementia cases will snowball by 2020.

Despite this, a new poll of thousands of Britons from all across the country suggests that 97 per cent of Britons have not made any relevant legal provision whatsoever to prepare for such an eventuality.

Following these findings, legal groups and campaigners are calling on Britons to consider the importance of LPAs.

An LPA can be set up at any time and can prove to be vital in instances where a person has developed dementia, or any other serious mental health condition. This is because it can enable a trusted friend, family member or loved one to look after the health and welfare or financial affairs of someone who is caught in this position.

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