Increase in probate disputes down to DIY wills

The increase in the number of wills being challenged in the High Court is being blamed on the increasing number of DIY wills.

The High Court heard 368 cases about disputed wills last year, up from 282 in 2017, and 227 the year before that.

DIY wills templates and kits can be purchased for a very small price.  As a result, many people are making wills that miss out key information, contain numerous errors and do not comply with the legal requirements for making a valid will.

This has led to an increase in the number of challenges to wills, which could have been avoided if appropriate legal advice had been obtained and the wills had been drafted by a suitably qualified solicitor.  Drafting a will requires specialist knowledge and experience.

Christina Blacklaws, President of the Law Society, said: “With the range of different estates and circumstances that exist, it is vitally important that people consult a professional when writing their wills. Probate law is complex and DIY wills can easily contain mistakes which render them invalid or difficult to administer.”

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