Civil Partnerships rise for third consecutive year

According to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the number of civil partnerships formed in England and Wales during 2018 has increased.

This is the third consecutive year to have seen a rise, with 956 civil partnerships formed last year, representing an increase of 5.3 per cent when compared to 2017.

Nearly two thirds (65 per cent) of all civil partnerships formed last year were between men, whilst the average age of women forming a civil partnership (51.6 years) was one year higher than the figure for men (50.5 years).

Over one-fifth of people (21 per cent) entering a civil partnership during 2018 was over the age of 65, a significant increase on the 4 per cent in 2013, before the introduction of marriage for same-sex couples.

There were also 927 civil partnership dissolutions in England and Wales during 2018, this represented a fall of 24 per cent on the figure from 2017.

Kanak Ghosh, of the ONS’s Vital Statistics Outputs Branch, said:

“The number of same-sex couples forming a civil partnership increased slightly in 2018, for the third consecutive year. Just under 1,000 couples preferred this option to marriage. Those choosing to form a civil partnership are more likely to be male or over 50.

“The recent change in the law to make opposite-sex couples eligible to form civil partnerships from the end of this year is likely to bring further increases to the overall number of civil partnerships formed in England and Wales.”